Types of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Adelaide

There are two reasons for the popularity of reverse cycle air conditioning systems- they save energy and they are easy to maintain.

The fundamental concept in this air-conditioner is the heat pump principle. Hot air is passed to the refrigerant fluid with the help of a fan. The air gets cooled and circulates in the room. Meanwhile, the refrigerant cools again and gets ready to absorb the heat from hot air.

The cycle continues and you get cool and refreshing air.

When heating is required, the process takes place in the reverse direction. It is the reason, this air-conditioner is named as reverse-cycle air-conditioner.

Are you searching for a good-quality reverse cycle air-conditioner? If yes, then it is essential to know various types of it. Depending on your heating and cooling requirements, you can pick the appropriate one.

1. Window AC

They are popular by the name Window AC because this unit is placed on the wall. Alternatively, it can be placed on the window also. It is compact and small in size. Window air-conditioner is cheaper, but it can provide adequate heating or cooling.

The system is easy to install. This space-saver air-conditioner is easy to relocate.

However, it has a shortcoming. This air-conditioner is not the best option if you have a large room.

2. Ducted AC

When the central air conditioning Adelaide unit is connected to the entire home using ductwork, it is known as a ducted air-conditioner.

The efficiency of this type of AC is quite high. It can give good performance in extreme weather as well.

Two merits place it differently from others. First, operates silently and cleans the air. Secondly, it is possible to heat or cool a certain area in the house.

There is a shortcoming in this system. It is costly if you buy a reverse-cycle system.

3. Split system

It is known as a split system because it has two units-one indoor and one outdoor. Refrigerant fluid, which is responsible for the heating or cooling, is transferred between these two units through pipes.

This system can heat and cool both. The aesthetic value of a split-air-conditioner is more than other types. It is quieter as well. On efficiency ranking also it is higher than others.

But it is quite costly than other types. Also, it is not feasible to install it when the cooling or heating area is small.

Other than these three major types, there is one more type of reverse cycle air-conditioner. It is called a cassette air-conditioner. This system is suitable for open spaces with no walls.

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