How Does a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work?

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With relatively mild winters and long summers, Australia is a place where you enjoy the best weather throughout the year. Hence, reverse cycle air conditioning Adelaide is the ideal choice. It keeps the home cool during the summer and keeps it warm during the winter. And it is done by one single unit, in a cost-effective manner.

How does a reverse cycle air-conditioner work? What is its working mechanism? Want to know about it? Read this blog for that.

Reverse cycle air-conditioner

According to the definition, reverse air conditioning Adelaide is the process of providing heating and cooling as per the need. It brings excellent climate control year-round.

Conventional heating and cooling systems consume energy. In this system, outdoor air is absorbed, and refrigerant gas is used for heating or cooling it before pumping indoors.

It makes the system energy efficient. It is cost-effective as well. You need not invest in two different systems. One single unit takes care of everything.

It filters and dehumidifies the air. Therefore, reverse cycle air conditioning Adelaide keeps the indoor air crispy fresh, healthy, and pleasant.

Working mechanism

As far as the working mechanism is concerned, the reverse cycle air-conditioner has a device that is called a heat pump. It works on the principle of heat exchange. Thus, the pump absorbs heat from outside even on a cold winter night. For heating or cooling, it uses refrigerant gas and not electrical power.


In the winter season, this system attracts heat from the outside air and draws it in. It is not required that the outside temperature is warm. In this system, there is an automatic defrost cycle, which will heat the home even if the outside temperature is -15 degrees Celsius.

The refrigerant gas passes through the external coil and absorbs heat from the outside air. Then it goes t the compressor and then a condenser. The air warms up when compressed. It is pumped out using a fan. Once it gets over, the refrigerant flows through the evaporator and cools down the air before it is pumped into the condenser again.


This system can change the mode from heating to cooling.  When the air conditioning Adelaide is reversed, the unit starts absorbing air inside the house and pumps it outside. Even if the outside temperature is above 45 degrees Celsius, this system keeps the house cool.

Thus, a reverse air-conditioner brings better air-conditioning at lower costs. It is ideal for all types of heating and cooling needs.

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