Air Conditioning Service Tips That Can Save You Money

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4 Easy Air Conditioning Service Tips to Save You Money

In the irritating summer season, you feel like you are living in an oven. Yes, it is impossible to spend the long weeks of the hot season without an air-conditioner.

However, many people just avoid installing an air-conditioning system because they think the cost of cooling is quite high.

Well, it is indeed costly, but not astronomical. Especially if you install a good-quality system. Fortunately, there are some easy things to save money on keeping your home comfortably cool. Here are some easy tips.

#1 Keep the windows and doors sealed

The more gaps and leaks you have, the higher is the loss of precious cold air. Always keep the doors and windows sealed. How to find the leakage?

It is easy. You need to go outside and run your hand along with the windows, doors, and ventilation. If you can sense the cool air, then there is some leakage.

Keep the windows and doors caulked around the edges.

You can use mesh window screens, films, or solar screens to enhance the insulation.

#2 Replace the thermostat

Is the thermostat located on an exterior wall? Or is it near a window? If yes, then it might register an incorrect reading, and start the compressor prematurely. Frequent starting of the compressor will shoot the power bill. Not just that, it will shorten the life of your air-conditioner as well.

If you find that the thermostat is incorrectly placed, then replace it as early as you can.

#3 Set the right temperature

If you are leaving the room for some time, then turn off the air-conditioner or increase the temperature up a few degrees.

The smaller is the difference between the inner and outer temperatures, the more savings you will achieve. The savings could be as high as 25 percent if you set the temperature wisely.

You should read the instruction manual given with the HVAC system.

#4 Reduce the heat generation

When the air-conditioner is on, the heat-generating sources should be kept off.  If it is not possible practically, then insulate the cool areas as much as you can.

Cooking stove, induction heaters, geysers, electric irons or even refrigerators should be kept in the areas that are not air-conditioned.

If you have central air conditioning Adelaide, then there should be a separate zone for all such equipment.

You can reduce the need for air-conditioning by planting more trees around your house.

These tips will achieve cost-saving on air-conditioning.

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