Top 10 Factors to Consider For a Bathroom Renovation

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Are you planning to renovate the bathroom?  Well, the bathroom design has come a long way over the past few decades.

Forget about old-fashioned floor tiles and monochrome colors. Now you can have much improved renovations to make a bathroom an interesting place.

However, you need to realize that redoing the entire bathroom is not a kid’s play. It is a monumental job where you are supposed to invest considerable expense and time.

With that thing in mind, it is imperative to get the best renovation work done right in the first attempt.

The blog touches upon 10 factors to consider for a bathroom renovations.

  1. Exclude a fancy and expensive shower from the checklist of renovation if you are not much fascinated about it. Install a tub instead, if you want a more luxurious and indulging bath.
  2. If you are crazy about the shower, then there are several models available. Whether it is a spray shower, rain shower, or handheld shower, the choice is yours.  The more expensive the model is, the more is the cost for plumbing and fixtures.
  3. Don’t forget to install handrails in the bathroom. Since they are available in a wide range of designs, you can choose one that blends with the overall design. 
  4. When you renovate the bathroom, it is essential to mind the height of bathroom vanity. There is no standard height as such. You can pick it as per personal preference.
  5. It doesn’t cost you big money to put small niches, but the visual appeal you get is incredible. Whether you prefer a vertical row of niches or horizontal, make sure it is aligned with the tiling pattern.
  6. Whether you know it or not, but a shower seat is an excellent accessory. If you don’t have much room in the bathroom, then install a fordable bench.
  7. Steam showers offer various health benefits. Though it needs a few hundred bucks, you must install this ultimate relaxing accessory. Pick the most suitable design from a long array of choices.
  8. Installing a book niche or magazine rack may not be an appealing idea for some people, but those who love reading find it mind-boggling.
  9. If the bathroom is spacious enough, then you should install a comfy chair and makeup desk to pamper yourself. It will turn your bathroom into a spa for sure.
  10. Do not forget to keep room for future expansion. Remember, the needs and aspirations keep on changing. Hence, there has to be provision kept for further renovation.

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