Average Cost For Drain Cleaning Services in Adelaide

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When you call a plumbing expert to clean the blocked drains in Adelaide, costs vary depending on various factors. Plumbing professionals estimate each job differently. Though the majority of the jobs are charged at lump sum, they switch to hourly rate if the job needs so. In Adelaide, you can find a number of plumbers. To hire the best, you are supposed to do some research and analysis. If the flat fee is charged, then the rate falls in the range of 500 to 600 dollars for the job. An hourly rate is in the range of 70 to 100 dollars as per the complexity of the work.

Drain cleaning costs as per service

The longer you wait to clear blockages, the problem worsens. It is possible to hire a best plumber in Adelaide at an hourly rate of up to 200 dollars. The money you need for drain cleaning ranges from 80 dollars to 700 dollars. Here are some ballpark figures for different drain cleaning services.

Unclogging a toilet

The cost of unclogging a toilet lies between 100$ to 300$. It is a less-pleasant task as compared to other work, but there are machines and tools available to make it simple.

Cost of unclogging kitchen sink

Hire a plumber to clear sink blockage, and he will charge 100 to 200 dollars for the job. Normal clogging can be cleaned by using simple methods. For complex jobs, it may need the removal of drain arm, snake pipe, and so on.

Cost of cleaning the blocked bathtub

A blocked bathtub is cleared in 200 to 300 dollars approximate. The bathtub and shower drainpipes are prone to accumulate debris, soap scum, hair, and dirt. Over a period, it causes clogging in the pipes. If cleaned frequently, then it will not be a marathon task to clean the bathtub.

Clearing the mainline

If the clogging is due to the congestion in the mainline, then you have to spend big money for that. It may range anywhere between 100 $ to 800$.

Price variation

Flat and hourly rates are different. They vary across all regions and seasons. During the rainy seasons, the rates are high as there are frequent occurrences of blocked drainage. The severity of blockage, a number of clogs, and the cause of blockage also affects the price. When you call a service provider, do not forget to discuss all terms and conditions beforehand. There should not be any ambiguity or anomaly. 

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