10 Easy And Decorative DIY Fencing Ideas For Your Adelaide Home

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Do you want to erect a fancy fence around the house but can’t think something out of the box? Here are ten incredible DIY fencing ideas.

#1 Brick fence

It is quite common in gardens. However, you can make it around the house. It needs a little bit of creativity. Vertical alignment of thin bricks can create a fence of any height.

#2 Erect a log fence

Yes, it is for those who want to create something unique without spending much. Either use logs that are available with you or cut a few. This fencing in Adelaide is lovely and gives an incredibly beautiful look to your house.

#3 Stone hedge

The stone fence is quite common in the garden. If safety is not an issue and the fence is purely for aesthetic reasons, then it is the most ideal one. You can be creative by doing mix and match with other materials while making a fence from stones.

#4 Cement sleepers

If you can find railway sleepers made from cement, then they can be used to create a fantastic fence around your house.

#5 Picket Fence

It looks fantastic in the garden. It is very cost-effective. Most of the time, it can be erected by using material available in the house. A lovely picket fence enhances the appearance of your home.

#6 Tin fence

Sometimes, the fence is purely for decorative purposes. There is no functional purpose for it. In such a situation, tin can be used for creating a fence.

#7 Twig Fence

If you are fond of making something rustic, then there is nothing better than a twig fence. The most attractive part is that you can create it by collecting stuff from your courtyard. It is an almost FOC fence. The only thing you should check is the sturdiness and quality of twigs.

#8 cobblestone garden

This fence is very easy to make. Though it is more appropriate for gardens, you can erect a fence around the home also. It will increase the curb appeal. The cobblestone fence is not very much expensive. However, it looks amazing.

#9 Rope Fence

Rope fence is a great choice when you want to create something creative and interesting without spending a fortune.  Use wooden blocks and rope to make it.

#10 Old wheels

You need not be a motocross champion to build this fence around your house. Getting so many wheels could be a challenge sometimes. You can create a combination of wheels and cement slab in such a case.

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