Tips to Service Your Caravan in 2022

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Tips to Service Your Caravan in 2022

Why do experts emphasize on Caravan service? Well, a caravan is nothing but a home away from home. Hence, you must keep it in the best condition. It is an investment in the lifestyle chosen for you and therefore, you must maintain and protect them. When you provide regular repairs and maintenance, you can keep the bigger problems away.

Top Tips for Caravan Service

Are there some important tips for servicing the caravans? Do these tips help in extending the lifespan and service quality and comfort? Certainly yes. Here are some of them. Whether it is a brand-new caravan or one bought from used caravans for sale qld, the tips are equally useful.

Check wheel and brakes

You must pay attention to the wheels. Keep a close watch on signs of perishing, cracks in sidewalls, or bulges. You should check the wheelrims for cracks and buckles. The pressures in the wheels should be appropriate. Keep all wheel nuts tight.

Also, check the handbrakes. You need to ensure that the brakes engage and release easily. You should look for corrosion or rust near the drawbar. Check all connecting cables.

The handle and wheel should freely turn. The clamps and bolts ensure smooth operation and there is no rust.

In general, you should get the servicing done after 10000 kilometers or one year, whichever comes first.

General Caravan service – every 10,000 km or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

Keep towing weight under control

You should not put unnecessary weight. For example, never fill the water tank, unless you are heading to an area where there is no opportunity to fill it up. If you are going to stop at an RV park, then there will be several opportunities to top up. Unnecessary weight increases wear and increases operating costs. You should also check the safety chains and shackles for rust or cracks when you send them for Caravan service.

Gas, power, and water

You must check the power supply, gas, and water storage. You need to check every appliance in the caravan-heating system, cooker, or fridge. Always ensure that there are no leaks. Also, check all electronic items, including running lights, and internal and external lights. Check every water tank, tap, and water supply. Empty all stale water. Check the flush system.

These tips are applicable to every caravan, whether it is new or used caravans for sale qld.

The caravan is an important entity in your traveling experience. Hence, keep it in the pink of health!

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