Why You Should Keep Track of Your Caravan’s Maintenance?

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Why You Should Keep Track of Your Caravan's Maintenance?

When you go on a vacation, a caravan gives you immense pleasure. It is a well-equipped vehicle that gives you facilities so you feel like in a “home outside the home”. However, to get the best benefit of a caravan, it is important to keep it in the best condition.

Caravan service and maintenance play a vital role in keeping the good health of your caravan. When you do that, you can rest assured that your travel is stress-free.

Experts say that two things are important- the first service and the annual service. When you buy a new caravan, you get the first service within 12 months of the ownership or after traveling roughly 2000 kilometers.

The servicing exposes some unusual weaknesses or reservations are there in caravans. You should take it to only authorized service centers.

In case, you did not use the caravan for a long time and it remained idle, then it is always advisable to service it before the next trip. Make sure the caravan service Bundaberg you choose is authentic and registered.

Some important tips

Here are some important tips to provide short-term assistance to lessen the amount of maintenance of your caravan. They will help you if the caravan cannot be taken to the service center.

  • Always Park the caravan in a covered area or put a caravan cover on. Especially, when the caravan is not in use. The more you keep protected from the elements, the lesser will be the chances of getting major issues.
  • Poor wheel care is another major issue related to caravans. Studies say that the majority of caravans insurance repairs are contributed by problems caused due to poor vehicles. Caravan tyres get affected by aging, exposure to the sun, and wear due to road conditions.
  • Even if the wheels do not show any signs of wear, they should be replaced after five years if your caravan travels quite often.
  • Do not let the surface of the caravan get dirty. It will damage the surface. Hence, cleaning it often is a good idea. Especially, when you are on a trip. Find out some time to clean it. Use the right cleaning agents and tools to clean it thoroughly once you are back from a trip.
  • Check the doors and windows and window seals regularly. If the seal is old, then there is a possibility of a leak.

These things will keep the caravan n good health.

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