How to Design Your New Home to Save on Electricity & Gas?

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How to Design Your New Home to Save on Electricity & Gas?

There are various things that you need to keep in mind while designing your home. Whether you get the designing from an interior designer or the builder in Bundaberg does it for you, it is important that the design saves money for many years to come.

Everything plays a role in that, the floor, the roof, and the walls. With the cost of living rising every year, you want to find ways to keep extra cash in your pocket.

Does it mean that to lower the power bill, you need to bring down the quality of the standard? Not necessarily, because with various smart choices getting introduced every year,  you can save money with an efficient home and contribute to a sustainable future. A smart bundaberg builder can suggest various tips for power-saving.

Here are 4 key tips for energy saving in your home.

Use of LED lighting

LED lighting use around 75 percent less energy than halogen bulbs. Not just that, they last up to 10 times more than conventional bulbs. Therefore, the operating cost and impact of replacement are low. You can also include dimmer switches in the electrical selections to save a little more energy. You need to ask the builder in Bundaberg to use top-quality LED lighting.

Use of solar heater

Heating devices consume a lot of electrical power. Hence, it is a wise idea to use the solar heaters for heating water. When you install it in your home, it becomes easy to get warm water at a low cost. If you put back-up power also, then you can get warm water when there is no bright sunshine. The approximate cost saving is 60 percent with backup power. A seasoned bundaberg builder would suggest the best solar heater for your home.


Whether you use electrical heating or cooling devices or use a solar system, it is very much important to keep the home insulate well. When high-quality insulation is installed, it is easy to keep a consistently comfortable temperatures in your home. Since you need not keep heating and cooling devices on for a long time, the energy bill comes down.

Choice of the right appliances

Yes, the choice of appliances makes a big difference. You should always choose appliances with a higher energy efficiency rating. Whether it is a dishwasher or refrigerator, water heater or dryer; make use of five-star appliances to lower your power bills.

Use these tips for saving electricity and gas.

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