Tips to Avoid Ant Infestation in Your Home

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Is an ant infestation a larger-than-life problem? Well, yes it isn’t because the majority of the species that live near human habitat do not cause damage to the structure.

Statistics say that only a handful of species love to take shelter in the home.

Still, they can be a nuisance if in a large number. Ants roaming around inside could be an annoying scene. Are you puzzled with these creepy creatures?

If yes, then here are some doable tips.

Follow the ant trail

The first thing is to find out trains used by ‘worker ants’ to move to and from the nest. Ants leave a chemical trail so that other ants can follow the scent.

If you are able to fool the worker ants, then it becomes easy to combat them. Even you can direct them to the ant bait.

Using ant baits indoor

If you think that you can eliminate ants by using pesticides, then you are mistaken. Yes, you will eliminate a few visible ants, but they will be replaced by others very soon.

You will mot move forward in getting rid of them.

Use the worker ants by placing ant bait so that they carry back it to the hidden nest.

Ant bait is an edible material mixed with a substance that is toxic to ants. These toxins have minimal toxicity to humans or pets. Hence, you need not be worried about kids or pets around.

Some baits are made from boric acid, which is totally non-toxic to humans. Working baits will carry the bait to their nest. However, it can take a few days or months if the colony is large.

Keep on replacing the bait station. Gradually, there will be an end to the manifestation.

Use spray pesticides

Applying a heavy dose of pesticides could be an effective method to control an outdoor nest. When you soak it down to reach the queen, it will be possible to eliminate the entire population.

Before doing that, you should make sure that it is the colony that is creating an indoor infestation.

Also, these insecticides can be toxic to other insects, including the beneficial ones.


Keeping the home clean is an effective way to any pest control including ants. Ants need water, food, and shelter for survival.

Make it difficult for them to get food. It controls the problem largely. You can do it by keeping the surfaces clean.

These tips will keep the ant manifestation under control.

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