10 Awesome Improvements in Air Conditioning Technology

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Here are ten awesome improvements in air-conditioning technology, which will change the future.

Movement sensors

Currently, air-conditioning in Adelaide systems are controlled by temperature. The new technology will sense the movement of people and kicks when people are present in the room.

Solar-energy driven air-conditioners

These are also known as thermal air-conditioners that use solar energy. Since it is supported by natural gas, the efficiency level and economy go higher.

Heating or cooling on-demand

What does it mean? It allows cool water to get circulated into the water heater after activation. It is estimated that a large amount of water gets wasted because it wats to get warmed up. When this water is recirculated into the system, it is an eco-friendly as well as economical method.

Air-conditioning using ice

There are research projects that are being carried out to develop an ice-powered air-conditioning system. It works on the concept of freezing a water tank, and tat ice are used for cooling the premises during the daytime. Usually, this system can cool the premises up to five-six hours. After that, the conventional system takes over.

More smart systems

Yes, every year, new improvements are getting added to the air-conditioning technology. Now, it is possible to make sensor-driven vents. They can be controlled using smartphones also, and they can offer precise, room-by-room temperature control.

Dual fuel technology

Scientists have found that an air-conditioner works well when it uses a combination of fuel. A typical combination is an electric heat pump and gas furnace. It is less expensive than a normal air-conditioner.

Geothermal air-conditioners

Geothermal air-conditioners take energy from the earth through underground looped pipes. The heat is absorbed and carried into the home. A geothermal heat pump gives free hot water, which is an additional benefit.

Connected air-conditioners

Smart air-conditioners of tomorrow will be connected to other devices and your mobile phones. It can regulate the heating and cooling based on the working of other devices.

Fully automated air-conditioners

when the complete house is automated, how can you spare the air-conditioning system? There are already technologies available to make is fully automated.

Use of 3D printing

Though it is at the conceptual stage today, very soon, it will become a reality. According to the experts in the industry, the changes are happening very rapidly in this area.

Harnessing heat from a computer

We all know that computer systems generate a lot of heat. On a conceptual level, it is very much possible to use it to generate heat.

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