Is It Worth It to Install Solar Panels in Brisbane?

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Solar Panels Brisbane

You flip through the pages of magazines and periodicals related to energy, and you will find the advertisement of some or other solar system Brisbane after every two pages. Interestingly, the content and presentation of the ads will vary, but the sales pitch will be the same-install the solar energy system and start saving (or making) thousands of dollars! The ads make it sound so easy, but is it really that simple? Well, the reality is that regardless of whatever small or big the system is, it is a long-term investment that will give results in many years. Moreover, success depends on a lot many surrounding factors. So, it is essential that you cut through the sales jargon and get a realistic estimate of the facts.

How to Determine Whether Solar is Really Worth in Your Home or Not?

The first thing is that you need to determine the cost of solar panels Brisbane. Rate of electricity, solar panel cost, and rate of interest charged by the finance company are some deciding factors. Break even point on solar panel investment in 7 to 8 years. As you explore various choices of solar panels, some doubts pop into your mind. You must talk to experts and get them resolved.

Is Electricity Bill Quite Heavy in Your Case?

This is something that determines the need for solar panel installers Brisbane. If the power bill is the largest factor in the overall monthly expense side, then you need a solar panel immediately. The biggest benefit of the solar power system is the net metering system. The difference between electrical energy consumption and power generation from your solar system is calculated. If you produce more power than consumption, then it is credited to your account. The power bill is generated based on net consumption. It makes a solar power generation system worth it.

Do you Get a Subsidy For It?

Most of the states give subsidies to the solar system. The percentage varies from state to state. According to the energy officials, it is a great help because the subsidy reduces the initial cost burden up to a large extent. You must get information about the rate of subsidy, procedure for applying and expected timelines to receive the money. It will help in planning the system well. Thus, you can calculate whether it is worth installing a solar power generation system on your rooftop or not!

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