What Time of Year is Best for Pest Control?

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What Time of Year is Best for Pest Control?

When is the best time of the year for pest control

Well, the best answer to this question is “as soon as possible”. Yes, you should act immediately after seeing the presence of pests. However, sometimes, the infestation is not very severe. Or you just want to get the pest inspection Adelaide done as a preventive measure. In such a scenario, you may have to check for the best suitable season to perform this activity.

Regular pest control will limit the infestation. Gradually, the population of pests decreases, and you get rid of the problem.

Let’s understand the pros and cons of performing pest control in different seasons.

Which time is the best?

Yes, there is a good time to perform pest control activities.

Experts say that the colder months are usually June through August in Brisbane, but they are not that cold in other parts of Australia. Therefore, pests will lay dormant over these months. They will become active in the warmer months.

Based on the experience of various pest control companies, the best time of the year is August to December. During these months, temperature and humidity rises and pests will come out. Particularly, termite treatment Adelaide would be effective if done at this time. There are different stages of termite control. It is important to note that termites are very stubborn. Moreover, they cause destruction by hiding underneath. You need regular inspection and repetitive action.

Termites are your biggest enemies

Why is it essential to perform termite control Adelaide? It is because statistics prove that these destructive creatures cause more damage to property each year than fires, floods, and storms combined. And the big thing is that the damage caused by termites is not covered by insurance providers. Termites remain hidden from sight. Therefore, they have more potential of causing destruction. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

There are three things that make termites super destructive.

First, the population of termites is enormous. They are literally millions in numbers. Second, their appetite is high. They can destroy wood up to a great extent. Third, they have a great ability to remain hidden. Therefore, the ideal thing is to call an expert for pest inspection Adelaide. Once their presence is identified, you can perform pest control methods.

With the great deal of damage that termites and other pests can do, it is important to keep the home safe from pests. It is good for the health of your house.

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