4 Ways to Set a Fence Post without Digging

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4 Ways to Set a Fence Post without Digging

How do you set a fence post without digging

When you want to install fencing Adelaide, you are a little bit worried. Not only because it is time-consuming but also because it involves a lot of digging.

Are there any alternate methods of erecting a fence that doesn’t involve more effort and that is less expensive?

Indeed, there are methods. Each method may be suitable in a particular scenario. Therefore, you need to talk to the fencing contractor.

Read this blog before you call fencing contractors Adelaide.

E-Z Spike

E-Z spikes have become more popular nowadays. They are similar to metal spikes. Expect the fact that instead of removing the spike before you place the wood, these spikes are left in the ground after installing the wood. You should insert the spike around the fence post before installing it. Then pound the spike using a hammer. As you pound, the spike will detach gradually. Once the post reaches the desired depth, you can remove the spike and use it for another post.

Steel Posts

Sometimes, the ground is rough. These steel posts can work excellently in the installation process. Wooden posts will beak or they will not maintain their stability. Steel posts can offer more stability. You can use a t-post driver or sledgehammer to place the posts. However, you need to be patient and calm while installing the fence on rocky terrain.

Elevated Fences

If nothing works for you, then you can explore the option of installing an “above-ground” fence. It will be ideal if the terrain is even. Elevated fences will not be appropriate on uneven terrain.

What is an elevated fence? Well, there are various types of fences. A jack fence that leans itself is supported by another zigzag fence, which is perpendicular. It means, the two sections of fence that lean on each other make a 90 degrees angle.

Jackleg Fence

It is also called a jack fence. This classic rustic form of fence can be used for a variety of purposes. These fences are simply two posts placed in an “x” orientation such that they lean on each other while also leaning on a horizontal beam that supports the fence.

These fences offer a more rustic appearance, and they are commonly found around cabins.

These fences offer good choices when you cannot dig the ground. You can call the fencing contractor to decide on the most suitable fence for your courtyard.

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