How long does it take Termites to destroy a House?

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How long does it take Termites to destroy a House?

One should not take termite infestation lightly. Yes, they are quite nasty and destructive creatures. It can become a nightmare if the population of termites goes beyond control. Therefore, you should immediately call termite treatment Adelaide expert when the first signs of termites are visible.

How much time do they take to cause massive destruction in your house?

Well, it depends on various parameters. The first is the environmental conditions. If they are suitable and supportive for their population to increase, then they can increase their population at an enormous speed.

Statistics say that a single termite colony contains a few million termites. So, you can imagine their power. Termite control Adelaide becomes all the more important because termites grow through reproduction and interaction with other colonies.

Thus, once your house becomes infested by termites, it is a serious matter.

If you go by statistical calculation, then termites may need three to five years to consume wood in your house. But you would not like to wait that long. It is because there could be major structural damage happening before that.

Hence, as soon as you see the first signs of a termite problem, get the pest inspection Adelaide done.

A pest inspection will find their presence soon

When you call a pest inspection team, they check for the presence of various types of pests and not just termites.

How will they find that there are termites in your home? Well, they are experts. Hence, they know the methods.

Termites are very clever creatures. They work their way from the inside out. Their silent destruction remains invisible. However, experts can trace termites Adelaide by these signs:

  • They tap wooden objects with some heavy things. If it sounds hollow, then there could be termites inside. It is an easy and effective test.
  • You may see bubbles across the surface, or the painted surface may start peeling. It is a clear sign that there are termites in your house
  • Sometimes, they use sharp objects to check the damage inside.
  • Sometimes, you can see tiny holes in the wallpaper or ply. It is an indication that termites are making tunnels inside so that they can move freely.
  • Some species of termites breed in the soil. They may leave traces of dirt and soil on the floor. However, it is rarely visible.

The best thing is to carry out pest inspection and termite control every six months.

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