The Dangers of Mold in Air Conditioners

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The Dangers of Mold in Air Conditioners

Mold is a threat to the respiratory system. It aggravates allergies and increases breathing problems. When you have an air conditioning Adelaide system, you have to be all the more aware of that. The presence of mold in an air-conditioning system can be dangerous.

Every time you turn the system on, it spews spores of mold into the air and your lungs. You expose yourself and your family members to various health problems. A moldy air-conditioner is a recipe for chronic illness. You need to fix it fast.

What are the risks of having fungi and mold in air conditioning installation Adelaide? Let’s understand that. Mold in air-conditioners can be dangerous and it has to be removed at the earliest. You need to protect your health by booking a service company immediately.

What are the dangers of having mold in air-conditioner?

Mold is a silent killer. From breathing issues to major illnesses, there could be a range of problems. Congestion, irritation of the throat, wheezing, and problems in the nose or ear are common symptoms of having mold in the air-conditioning system. Chronic problems caused by the air-conditioner can affect the respiratory system and worsen your health. It is because molds produce a toxic compound called mycotoxins that can cause issues such as bleeding in the lungs or pneumonia.

Some people can experience skin-related problems such as rashes and itching.

Symptoms of allergic cough and cold might be due to the mold in the air-conditioner. They are irritated eyes, running nose, and headache.

Some rare symptoms of exposure to mold are nausea, fatigue, and dizziness. These are less commonly found but can be life-threatening.

Even if you install the best energy efficient air conditioning Adelaide system, there could be mold growth if the system is not maintained well. The risk of illness is for all but elderly people, pregnant women, and kids will have more risk because of their challenged immune systems. The best way to protect you and your family would be regular cleaning and servicing the air-conditioner.

When you carry out a seasonal servicing of air conditioning Adelaide system, there are two major benefits received. First, you get rid of mold and also it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Experts recommend getting the system serviced by some expert and professional service provider as they have the necessary knowledge, equipment, and tool to get the job done correctly. For the safety of the family, a thorough cleaning will be necessary.

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