Child Support Agreement: What is it?

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Child Support Agreement: What is it?

When parents do not live together, an important thing to decide is who is going to provide for the kids financially. There are various ways of determining the obligation each parent will have. And the document will be decided by a divorce lawyer Adelaide after talking to the separating parents.

When the parents have a contentious relationship, court intervention may be needed to determine the obligations and rights of each parent.

If the parents of a child have an amicable relationship, then it may be better to come to an agreement about child support without any intervention, a family lawyer Adelaide.

Regardless of the type of separation parents are supposed to sign a Child Support Agreement for that.

What is a Child Support Agreement?

In general, when parents are able to draft an agreement about the financial support of a child, they might be thinking about drafting an agreement on their own.

However, it is not the right thing. They should consult a child custody lawyer Adelaide, and get it drafted. It is because there could be many small but important aspects that might get overlooked.

The attorney should review the agreement on behalf of both parents. In some cases, both parents have their own divorce lawyer Adelaide.

It is virtually important that any child support agreement has to be written down and filed with a court that has jurisdiction over any action related to the support and custody of the child. Once filed, the court would enforce it easily.

Factors considered in determining the best interests of the child will be the health, wellbeing, education, and development of the kids.

Terms of Support Agreements

The support agreement must have a clearly defined provision, which allows for modification of the agreement. It depends on the circumstances. Thus, it is a flexible and liquid document. For example, there could be an increase or drop in the financial condition of the parent. In this case, the terms need to be modified.

The amount of time each parent will have physical custody may change. It will require modification. A periodic review of the document will be done.

While drafting the Child Support Agreement, a family lawyer Adelaide will determine the amount and frequency of the payment. It is defined clearly which parent will be responsible for every anticipated cost of raising a kid. There has to be a provision about the settlement and resolution of disputes as well.

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