How Long Does it Take to Install an Air Conditioner?

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How Long Does it Take to Install an Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioner

It becomes very uncomfortable and unbearable when the outside temperature is drastically different from the inside. To avoid that, you need to install the best Air Conditioning Adelaide system. It controls the inner temperature and makes it comfortable and cozy.

But when you decide on Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide, it is important to know how much time does it take to install the system?

The amount of time you need depends on various factors. In this blog, we are going to understand them.

The type of air-conditioner you are installing

When you decide to install an air-conditioner, you should decide first which one is your preferred type. Two popular choices are wall mount split system and ducted system. It is not just the cost, but the time required for installation also varies greatly depending on that.

Ducted Systems

In a ducted system, there is an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and a duct. The duct carries the hot or cold air from the indoor unit to each of the supply air grills installed in the property. A ducted system is installed when there is a desire to supply conditioned air to all rooms in the property. In every room, there is an air grille for supply.

These systems can take quite a lot of time to install because you need a large amount of labour and material to complete the installation work. It depends on the size of the room and its layout. However, you can expect it within two days between four to six human days of labour.

Split System

When you have a split air-conditioning system, it is ideal for small spaces. Or it is ideal when you have to cool a single room. Since the system is divided into two parts, it is easy to install as compared to the ducted one.

Also, it is easy for Air Conditioning Repairs Adelaide to troubleshoot and correct the problems as the system is easy and straightforward.

The unit is ductless. Therefore, the installer has to simply install an indoor unit onto the wall. The outdoor unit has to be located as close as possible to the indoor unit. The two components should be connected with the help of refrigerant piping and electrical interconnect.

A split system air conditioner can be installed in four to eight hours, normally.

Thus, when you install an air-conditioner, you can plan the installation time based on its type.

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