7 Facts About Air Conditioning in Adelaide

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air conditioning Adelaide

Air Conditioning in Adelaide

It is impossible to imagine life without air-conditioners today. These devices have dutifully performed their responsibility of making the surroundings comfortable.

Gone are the days when curtains soaked in water were hung on windows to reduce the internal temperature. Now we have many sophisticated and efficient ways of cooling.

The system has evolved several stages of development and today we are in an advanced era of AI-enabled air conditioning Adelaide.

What are some interesting and unique facts about Air-Conditioning?

  • Air-conditioners work with the same efficiency in humid as well as the dry environment. However, they feel more effective in dry areas. It happens because dry air causes the moisture on the skin to evaporate faster. Thus, the temperature comes down quickly and we feel comfortable.
  • When the temperature goes beyond a certain limit, it could be dangerous for our mental health as well. Studies have shown that there is a dire correlation between high temperatures and high temperament. It is not the only reason, though.
  • It has also been found that excessive heat brings down productivity. The probability of making mistakes is also higher if the surrounding temperature is hot. It happens because the temperature controlling system of our body is always under stress in such an environment. People working in cool and comfortable environments work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Air conditioning became affordable and widespread by the 1960s. People took advantage of comfort cooling, and they spread the good word about it to others.
  • Ductless cooling systems have become more popular in recent years. It is because they work with minimal disruption in homes and offices. Thus, they can be installed quickly. They are quite efficient and do not need air conditioning repairs Adelaide for longer times. Residential or commercial installation takes a few days without impacting productivity or affecting normal life.
  • It is assumed that the demand for air conditioning Adelaide will become three times in the coming years. In spite of this great demand, the impact on the environment will not be much because of the constant improvement in air-conditioning technology. Every year we get more advanced and environment-friendly air-conditioners.

The cooling capacity of an air-conditioner is measured in tons. However, it does not refer to the weight of the AC system. It is a measure of cooling capacity. One ton AC means it is capable of removing 12000 BTU heat from the room in one hour. BTU is the unit of measuring heat.

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