Is It Time to Upgrade Your Airconditioning System?

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Upgrade Your Airconditioning System

Have you been an air-conditioner that has been there a good deal of time? Perhaps you are running an old, outdated, and less efficient system that needs a replacement.

Are there no troubles? Well, it may not show any signs of aging but that doesn’t mean all is well. You need to closely observe the air-conditioner and identify the signs of aging.

Here are the top five signs that indicate that your HVAC system needs an upgrade.

Surge in the power bill

The first sign of an aging air-conditioner is an increase in electricity consumption. The system does not work with 100% efficiency because of wear. If you see a 10 percent increase in power consumption, then it is an indication that it should be changed. Call the best Air Conditioning Adelaide supplier and ask for quotations for the upgraded models.

Increased downtime

Do you observe that your air-conditioner requires frequent servicing and maintenance? If yes, then you may need a new system. Repair and maintenance are costly affairs. Instead of spending excessive money on it, you should replace the cooling system. You will get a better model with new features and it will be covered under a replacement warranty as well.

You don’t get proper cooling or heating

Do you have an inconsistent temperature inside? It means the thermostat of your air-conditioner is not working well. It may also be an indicator that the compressor is not able to drop or a raise the temperature at the desired level. In both cases, your HVAC system should be replaced. Modern Air Conditioning Adelaide systems are upgraded versions. Therefore, they provide efficient and consistent temperature control.

Excessive humidity

When you have a good air-conditioner running in the home, there is no humidity inside. However, if you suddenly feel that the inside environment is clammy and uncomfortable, then it is a sign that you need a new system. The air-conditioner has run its course. You need immediate action. Get the latest models of air-conditioners from the nearest Air Conditioning Adelaide supplier.

The air-conditioner is more than 10 years old

They say that an air-conditioner lasts between 10 to 15 years, but it is in ideal conditions. Even if you routinely maintain it, the system shows signs of wear after 7-8 years. After 10 years, you should replace it even if there are no visible troubles. Because, it has old, outdated technology and you will not get energy efficiency. Better replace it with a modern system.

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