Which Air Conditioning System Is Ideal for My Adelaide Home

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Air Conditioning Adelaide

Ideal Air Conditioning System for My Adelaide Home

You need to know about different types of air-conditioners before you make the selection. You have to begin with some statistics and learn the performance parameters of different brands.

Air-conditioners are found among the most households (almost 100%) in Adelaide. Air Conditioning Adelaide constitutes a large chunk of the monthly power bill.

Since it is an expensive affair to install and use an air-conditioner in your home, it is all the more required to compare various models and pick the most appropriate one.

It is mandatory to do this exercise whether you are buying an air-conditioner for the first time or replacing an existing one.

This blog digs deep into it and goes through the types of air-conditioners and helps in making a qualified decision about the next air-conditioning system.

There are several air-conditioning systems. Let’s understand them one by one.

Central Air Conditioner

Do you have a big home? If yes, and you wish to cool multiple rooms simultaneously, then a central air-conditioner is ideal. It has a split system where the airflow is regulated through ducts. That’s why this system is called a ducted system also.

Two separate units are installed at different places. The outdoor unit has a compressor and condenser. The indoor unit has an evaporator coil and air handler.

The heat is pulled from inside and cool air is pushed inside using the ducts.

It is easy to couple it with a thermostat so that better temperature control can be achieved.

Mini-split ductless AC

It is a useful and better efficient system. It is a combination of compressor and condenser, and an outdoor unit with one or more indoor units. The indoor unit is mounted on the wall and it has air blowers. It is connected to the outdoor unit through tubes. Refrigerant moves through the tubes.

Window Air Conditioner

When you want to cool a limited area or a room, a window air-conditioner is the best. A large-sized window air-conditioner is enough to cool a large room or a small home.

They are champions of cooling small spaces. It is a compact unit where everything is enclosed inside. The heat is ejected out of the outdoor side.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioner

In this air-conditioner, the indoor unit rests on the floor and the outer unit is installed without any ductwork or site preparation. It is an ideal arrangement where space is less.

These are a few types of air-conditioners. You can call experts to know various other varieties to make the selection better.

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