Professional Termite Treatment Works in Adelaide

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termite treatment Adelaide

Termite Treatment Works in Adelaide

Why should you be worried about termites? It is because they not only cause harm to your property but are a nuisance to your health as well. Controlling termites is harder than you think, mind it. Therefore, you must call a Termite Control Adelaide agency to get rid of these pesky invaders.

If you browse the Internet, then you will find that controlling termite is one of the most requested searches in the category of pest control in Australia and worldwide.

Instead of trying so-called DIY methods, it is a wise idea to call a professional. It saves time and money.

How does professional treatment work?

When you call some professional termite control company for Termite Treatment Adelaide, it begins with the identification of the termite manifestation first.

It figures out which type of termite it is? There are various types of termites found in Australia. Some burrow in from underground, some survive in colder climates and eat dry wood, some eat moist wood.

Once the type is identified and evidence of their manifestation is found, the experts begin with termite treatment.

Termites are master hiders. They cannot be spotted by us. Only skilled people in termite control can do it. Careful, consistent treatment is required to eradicate them fully. Over-the-counter treatments are not quite effective.


This method is useful when the manifestation is moderate. The baits attract termites away from your property with a control agent that kills the colony.

When the bait is placed near their colony, worker termites carry it because they think it is food. This method is used as the supporting system by Termite Control Adelaide companies.


These are usually contact-killing agents. They stop termites from entering your property. This is more of a preventive method. Once you eradicate termites, then it can be used periodically to stop further attacks. Sprays may cause people who are allergic to strong smells.


This method is useful to fully remove the pests by killing them. The treatment does not leave any residue. However, it is quite inconvenient.

The termite control agency you hire will select the appropriate method based on your preference and the level of manifestation. The problem can be controlled easily when it is small. Once the termite problem goes beyond our control, it causes havoc.

Identify their presence and call an expert termite control company in Adelaide as soon as possible. It will deal with the problem professionally and systematically.

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