Installing Solar Panels: Challenges and Solutions

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Installing solar panels cost

Common Problems with Solar Panel Installation

Today, solar energy has become one of the most attractive energy sources. Why? It is because solar energy is renewable and non-polluting.

It has the potential to satisfy all our future energy requirements if can harness it suitably.  The big benefit of a rooftop solar system is to save on electricity bills.

You can see a significant drop in your energy bills based on the capacity and size of the solar system and your consumption pattern. Installing solar panels cost is low and the system requires less maintenance, its return on investment is high. Moreover, the systems are sold with a long-term warranty of twenty to twenty-five years.

But there are a few challenges and issues related to solar panel installation.

Degradation of the solar panel system

There is a gradual decline in the performance of solar panels. The rule of thumb is that there could be a degradation at the rate of .5 to 3 percent every year.

The reason behind this normal degradation is due to natural reasons. They include ultraviolet (UV) exposure, thermal cycling, humidity freeze, etc.

Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, can cause degradation of the cover and discoloration.

Thermal cycling is the variation in extremes of hot and cold temperatures. It affects the soldered connections within the panel.

A damp heat is long-term exposure of the panels to high humidity at high temperatures.

It is possible to keep the damage low by regularly inspecting and performing maintenance of the solar system. However, it becomes difficult to solar on rental property because of the accessibility. Therefore, you should take the tenant in the loop while deciding the maintenance schedule.

Electrical Wiring Issues

Another very common problem that occurs with solar panel systems is faulty wiring.

When the system gets old, the wiring may hinder the solar panels from performing efficiently.  Electrical wiring on the roof is susceptible to things like loose connections, oxidation, and corrosion.

There could be animals like rats or squirrels.

The solution for this problem is a periodic inspection of the solar panels to mitigate the risk. You need a licensed electrician to resolve issues with the electrical wiring. In the case of solar panels for tenants, you need to consider the availability and convenience of the tenant as well.

Solar Inverter problems

The solar inverter generates electricity to power your home. You may face issues with it like faulty installation, misconnecting, or incorrect programs, etc.

It is possible to carry out several tests like yield tests, remote activation and deactivation, and regulation of the reactive power.

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