Solar Energy: How It Works and Why It Matters

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Solar Energy How It Works and Why It Matters

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can transform sunlight into usable electricity. That is all the majority of people know about solar energy. Except for scientists who are involved in the development and evolution of solar energy, few people know the actual science behind the process.

Let’s understand the nitty-gritty behind solar energy production. And also understand what the benefits are of installing solar panels on the roof. What is landlord solar rebate? Is it possible to earn from solar panel installation?

How do solar panels work?

When you install landlord solar panels, sunlight hits the solar panels and creates an electric field. It flows to the edge of the panel and through a conductive wire. It is flown to the inverter where the DC or Direct Current is converted into Alternate Current or AC. The AC electricity is supplied to the building through a breaker box.

Any power unused upon generation flows through the utility meter and is supplied to the utility grid. As the power flows through the meter, the meter runs backward, and excess power is credited.

How do Solar PV Cells work?

If you see the solar panels for rental property carefully, then you will find several small photovoltaic cells. They are small units that can convert sunlight into electricity. The cells are made of silicon.

When sunlight hits the semiconductor in the solar PV cell, the energy is absorbed and knocks loose electrons. They drift freely in the cell. In the solar cell, positively and negatively charged semiconductors are sandwiched together in such a way that they create an electric field. It forces the electrons to flow in a certain direction. Towards the conductive metallic plates.

The flow is called energy current, and its strength determines the power generated by each cell. Once the loose electron hits the metal plates, the power generation begins. It flows to an inverter that converts this DC into AC.

Whether you are installing solar panels for a rental property or on a self-owned property, it is essential to check the feasibility before installation. Is it feasible to install solar panels? Will there be adequate power generation? How much-estimated energy can be produced?

The details are scientific, you can call an installer and get the calculations done. After a feasibility study, install a solar panel and start getting its benefits.

Solar energy is the next-generation energy. It will take you one step further toward sustainable energy generation.

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