6 questions you should ask your solar company

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6 questions you should ask your solar company

When you make the important decision of installing a solar energy system in your house, you must have access to all important information about it. It is not just a fantastic experience to switch to solar energy, but also a good deed for the nature and environment. You reduce the carbon footprint and promote renewable energy production.

Whether it is a solar panel on your own building, or you go solar on rental property, it is always a profitable proposition.

You should know many things about solar installation.

Here are the most important 6 questions that you should ask the solar company

#1 Can they explain their proposal?

Yes, it is very important. Your solar installer should be able to explain everything about the solar installation that he is proposing.

Where will be the panels located? How much energy the panels are going to produce? How will they handle obstructions like trees, if any?

You should ask about the meaning of the technical jargon used by the solar installer.

#2 How much will you save using a solar system?

Potential installers should be in a position of explaining to you the financial benefits of your going solar with them.

How much is installing solar panels cost? How much reduction will be there in your monthly energy bill payment?

What are the benefits of installing a battery bank along with the system? All such questions should be answered at length and breadth.

#3 What are the rebates and incentives?

The government gives several financial benefits and rebates to install solar panels for tenants. You must know all of them. The effective cost is the investment cost factoring all applicable credits and incentives received.

Your installer should explain it to you.

#4 What are different warranties offered?

When you purchase a solar energy system, you must have absolute clarity on what warranties are offered by the installer. They are on labor, panel system materials, and energy production.

#5 How do I finance my solar panels?

If you want a solar loan, your installer is a resource for it. You should ask them what solar financing companies are recommended by him. Does he partner with one? What is the process for a loan application?

#6. Is it safe to install it?

Many people have various doubts and questions about solar installation. Sometimes, neighbors raise various objections that are baseless. However, the installer should answer all such queries.

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