Five Useful Tips from Experts in Wheel Alignment

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The alignment of your car is essential on its excellent performance and safety. Misaligned wheels increase the wear and tear and cause it to pull in one direction when you drive.

Contrary to the perception, it is a relatively simple process. The essential requirement is a perfect wheel alignment machine.

Nowadays, computerized laser-guided measurements allow the mechanics to adjust and set the suspension component up to the maximum precision. What you get is the ultimate satisfaction and driving comfort.

Do not wait until you feel the pull or drift. It is better to take the car to a wheel alignment center every six months (or when you have a long drive).

Here are the top five tips by renowned wheel alignment experts.

#1 Do not forget the pre-alignment inspection

Quality of wheel alignment largely depends on the way pre-alignment inspection is done. It ensures that nothing is overlooked, for example, tire inflation.

Even if the mechanic aligns the toe angle precisely, the car will have a pull if the tire pressure is not proper.

Some alignment centers have automatic pressure adjustment facility.

#2 Resetting of the steering position sensor is crucial

The calibration of the steering position sensor is needed to bring smooth functioning of the stability control system. Scanning tools are used for performing calibrations that are specific to your vehicle.

Computerized alignment machines have simplified the process, and the transition from toe adjustment to reset doesn’t remain a problem.

#3 Perform the ‘complete alignment’

What does it mean by ‘complete alignment’? It means one should not perform alignment in a hurry. You may skip things that may become problematic later.

Give sufficient time to the wheel alignment process.

#4 Never align worn parts

Do you feel a massive play in suspension part or steering? If yes, then there is no part in aligning it. You will not get an accurate alignment.

The parts become loose progressively when they wear, and it becomes hard to maintain the alignment. Take the example of the bushing. It is quite difficult to spot.

It is the reason; manufacturers include specific testing methods in the repair manual.

#5 check all the angles

In the front-wheel drive vehicles, there are no factory adjustments. However, that doesn’t mean you should look at the toe angle only.

Experts suggest the use of other alignment products such as wedges or shims.

These tips will help in achieving 100% accurate, precise, and perfect alignment. It will make your ride super smooth and safe.

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