How long does it take to install an Automatic Gate in Adelaide?

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How long does it take to install an Automatic Gate in Adelaide?

Gate Automation and Automatic Gates Adelaide

Installing automatic gates Adelaide yourself is a cost-effective way to get the entry you want. The gates create privacy and security. However, some people avoid installing such gates. It is because they think that it is a time-consuming procedure. And they think that the process requires detailed technical knowledge.

But to your surprise, both these things are not correct. You do not have to be a technical expert to install the gate. The procedure is reasonably simple and there are instructions provided by the manufacturer. With a little understanding of technical things, one can do it.

And next, the process does not need a long time. In fact, the complete installation will get over in six to seven hours. With the right product and accessories, you can finish the task on a weekend. You should not forget that this time does not include transportation of the material and site fabrication time. They need to be done prior to gate installation. They come under the site preparation phase.

The larger the project is, the longer it takes. But the work is so exciting that you would like to do it in a single shot- from start to finish.

Planning & Selecting your Gate

Since every driveway is different, you need to take time to plan the size and type of gate for your home. There should be enough space available for the swing of the gate.


Gate automation Adelaide requires some preparation. Make sure that the surface is straight and consistent.

Gate Track

You need to ensure that the center of the track is around 80 to 100 mm from the face of the posts. After taking all track lengths, they should be laid on the ground. You have to drill holes in the concrete to fix the track.

Gate installation

You have to lay the gate flat on the ground. Now, you need to measure the location of two wheels. Once you fix two wheels, you can assume that the 25 percent work is done.

Guide Brackets and stopper

Once the wheel track is on, you should install guide brackets and stoppers at the right place. Brackets and stoppers should be installed with great precession.

Automating your gate

You can automate the gate by using mains power or solar power. Power supply depends on its availability.

In short, you can install a gate within a day if the pre-preparation is ready.

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