How Many Hours Should Air Conditioning Run Per Day?

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How Many Hours Should Air Conditioning Run Per Day?

Factors Affecting How Many Hours You an Air Conditioning Should Run Per Day

You need to keep the air-conditioner on to keep the house cool and comfortable. However, when we do the same, the power consumption bill reaches new heights.

But how many hours should the Air Conditioning Adelaide run per day? It is a question that every household owner wants the answer to.

Let’s try to understand it in detail.

But before that, you should know that there is a difference between keeping the AC on and the compressor running all day.

As soon as the temperature inside the house reaches a certain level, the compressor of your air-conditioner runs, and the system starts cooling. When the temperature reaches the preset level, the compressor stops.

This cycle continues. If you feel that the compressor keeps on running for an unusual period, it means you should call Air Conditioning Repairs Adelaide.

Air Conditioner Compressor Issues

Since the compressor works continuously, it gets problems of wear. When the Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide is done, it is set up to the optimum levels. If there are extreme weather conditions remain persistent for a long time, the compressor is always under pressure. In addition to that if there are leakage issues, then the compressor gets further load.

It stops working and ultimately the system goes bad. You need to call the service engineer and get the issue resolved.

Runtime and cycling problems

The system goes through a cooling cycle after a certain interval when the air-conditioner is on. If you feel that the cycle has shortened and the compressor is running repeatedly, then it is a problem. You need a professional HVAC service expert to check and solve the problem.

Typically, a cycle runs for about 15 to 20 minutes. It means not more than two times in an hour. Any frequency more than that is an indication of a problem.


It means that even if you keep the air-conditioner on for twenty hours, the compressor will effectively run maximum of ten hours. In case, it is running more than that, you should get it checked. Keep the home insulated as much as possible to minimize heat loss. Also, service the Air Conditioning Adelaide system regularly to keep it in order. Check the thermostat setting. Keep it optimum. Place the thermostat at a place where it is secured from external heat.

If you follow these steps, then the system will give optimum cooling at less power consumption.

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