10 Air Conditioner Tips to Beat the Heat

by admin

Summers go at the peak, and the heat increases every day, making it more uncomfortable to live. In this period of thermal distress, we turn on the Air Conditioning and keep it on day and night. However, during extreme heat, even the best air-conditioner also finds it difficult to beat the heat. Is there any way to increase efficiency and save some money?

Here are 10 air-conditioning tips to achieve the same.

#1 Replace the AC system if needed

Is your HVAC system old and outdated? If yes, then it is high time to replace it. Technology gets outdated with time, and the efficiency of an AC system drops due to aging. When it happens, you don’t get the required output from the HVAC system. the best thing is to replace it with a new, modern and more efficient system.

#2 Remove debris

To maintain adequate airflow, you must check for debris and remove it. Watch out for plants, dried leaves, and shrubs. Clean dirt, dust, and other things regularly.

#3 Keep the fans rotating

If you have ceiling fans installed, then keep them on for some time during the day once the room is sufficiently cool.

#4 Film the windows

Films on the window glass prevent sunlight up to a large extent. Thus, the rooms do not get hot during summers. It reduces the burden on the Air Conditioning in Adelaide.

#5 Plug every hole

Every crack must be sealed and insulated to prevent the loss of air-conditioning. It keeps the cold air in and hot air out.

#6 Get a programmable thermostat

A smart thermostat is an automated system that controls the temperature by starting and stopping automatically. It is an excellent choice for maintaining internal temperature at a comfortable level. This new technology device saves money and keeps the home cool.

#7 Keep the temperature at the optimum level

It is important to keep the temperature at the optimum level. The lower you keep it, the more energy your air conditioner consumes.

#8 Place heat-generating equipment away from thermostat

If you keep heat-generating equipment near the thermostat, it will keep the air-conditioner on all the time. A few examples of heat-generating equipment are lamp, TV, etc.

#9 check air filters

It is essential to check air filters every month and replace them if necessary.

#10 Keep the air-conditioner in the shade

The temperature in a shaded area is lesser than in exposed areas. Hence, install it at an appropriate place to save money.

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