How Do I Stop My Drains From Blocking?

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How do I stop my Drains from Blocking?

Blocked Drains

The problem of Blocked Drains Adelaide is very common. No matter how particular you are about cleaning the drainage system, it is bound to choke after some time. It is because of regular usage and wears. When it happens, you don’t have any other choice than to call  the nearest Plumber Adelaide. He will arrive at your place, check the condition, and provide the best remedy.

The fundamental cause of blocked drain can’t be isolated. It is a mixed effect of multiple things acting simultaneously. A trained plumber will try to figure out which is the most prominent cause.

Let’s give you a few tips that will help your drains from blocking.

Stop or minimize the accumulation of human hair

Yes, our hair causes a lot of problems because they are the main culprit. You should install traps in the drainage outlet so that the majority of the hair does not enter the drainage system.

Another simple trick is to comb your hair before having a shower. It seems strange, but it will minimize the amount of hair reaching your drainage system.

You can install drain protectors also. It is a simple and small tool that is placed over the plughole of the sink, shower, or bath. It will avoid Blocked Drains Adelaide.

The majority of the things that cause a blockage are trapped in the protector. Make sure you measure the size of the drain hole before installing drain protectors. Otherwise, you will not get the best benefit.

Do not let food waste go to the drainage system

If you scrape the plates into compost before rinsing, then the food will not go to the drainpipe. Food contains fat, which accumulates in the drainpipe. Especially, in the winter season, it gets hard and chokes all your pipes.

Use enzyme sticks

Nowadays, enzyme cleaning sticks have become very much popular. They are small and mighty sticks that can keep the drains clean and odor-free for a long time. You need to just drop one stick in the plughole once a month. It will work in the U-band for a long time and keep it clean.

Call professional cleaners

Prevention is always better than cure. You call a Plumber Adelaide when there is a blockage. You can call professional cleaners twice or thrice a year Thus, your drainage system will always remain clean and blockage-free.

These simple tips will help a lot.

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