How often do I need a termite inspection?

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How often do I need a termite inspection?

Termite Inspections Adelaide

One of the most common queries that homeowners ask about termite control Adelaide is how often should they carry out termite inspections to ensure adequate protection?

Since termites are nasty and destructive, they don’t want to take any risks.

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question. It is because the inherent conditions in every household are different.

To decide the frequency, termite experts need to assess the risk first. What parameters do they consider?

Geographic Location

The single biggest reason that decides the frequency is its geographic location. If you live in an area that is identified as a high-risk area, then it is better that you inspect at least twice a year.

If there are houses on each side, then you are highly susceptible to infestation.

Whether you decide to have an annual inspection or six-monthly, you must get the report from termite treatment Adelaide specialist.

There was a termite manifestation earlier

Did you have a termite problem earlier? If yes, then you have to be cautious. Pest control companies do not take any risks. They schedule aperiodic inspection of the house to ensure that the problem doesn’t erupt again.

Instead of the routine inspection every year, they may increase the frequency to quarterly also.

Termite barriers are not perfect. They let termites enter the house.

Therefore, the only way to ensure 100% safety is to carry out a termite inspection.

Increase the frequency in summers

It is a fact that termites are more active during the summers. It means you need to carry out more inspections during this time. Suppose you do termite control just three months before summer. In this case, you should call the expert and get the pest inspection Adelaide.

Thus, you will be able to control the termite population effectively.

Remember, you will have to be continuously vigilant to protect your home from termites.

They are very destructive creatures. Any loopholes kept from your side will be dangerous.

Get the inspection done before you buy a property

Yes, you have to carry out an inspection to reduce the possibility of termites Adelaide in the newly purchased property. For that, you should call an expert and get the inspection done before you close the deal.

You should consider it very important. Otherwise, you should be ready to spend on costly repairs.

Thus, various aspects need to be considered before determining the frequency of termite inspection on your property.

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