Is it better to Run the Air Conditioner on Auto or on?

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Is it better to Run the Air Conditioner on Auto or on?

When you run an air-conditioner, you want to have the maximum efficiency. It is because the air conditioning Adelaide system is power-hungry. And it takes your electricity bill to rocket heights.

Air Conditioner

The fan setting is an important parameter that affects the effectiveness and performance of an air-conditioner. The thermostat controls the running of the compressor. The blowers circulate hot or cold air until the temperature on the thermostat is reached.

If you see the fan settings, then there are two modes- Auto and On.

Many people do not know about these settings. But you will be amazed to know that they play a big role in the proper working of the air-conditioner.

  • Auto Mode means that the fans will turn on automatically only when the air-conditioner is heating or cooling air. When the thermostat reaches the preset temperature, the system will go off until the next cycle.
  • On mode, on the other hand, will force the fans to run constantly running. They will blow the air regardless of whether heating or cooling is going on or not.

According to adelaide air conditioning solutions specialists, running the system on Auto mode or On mode is a personal preference. However, one should know their pros and cons.

Pros of AUTO mode

  • It is the most energy-efficient option. The fan doesn’t run continuously.
  • In the summers, you will have better dehumidification. When the fan is in Auto mode, moisture from the cooling coils will drip and drain outside.
  • The filters will not get dirty more quickly because they will not continuously filter the air. You will have to clean them less frequently. Also, there will be a lesser load on the system.

Cons of AUTO mode

  • There is a less even distribution of hot or cool air. The fan stops moving once the temperature reaches a level.
  • Since the blower motor stops and starts frequently, it will wear out faster. You need to call air conditioning repairs Adelaide and get it repaired.

Pros of ON mode

  • There is an even distribution of cold or warm air. Thus, there will be no hot or cold spots in the home.
  • The fan will not be stressed much as frequent start and stop will not be there.
  • The air is cleaner if it is pulled through a filter or UV light.

Cons of ON mode

  • It may cost more to run the system continuously.

You need to replace the filters more often.

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