Differences Between Electrical Contractor and Electricians

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You want to get the electrical work completed by a qualified electrician Adelaide for your home or office, whether it is a small work or big.

When it comes to choosing the perfect person, the choice becomes tricky, at times. There are so many choices around. How will you pick one that is the best?

Moreover, you have to choose between an electrical contractor and an electrician. Both titles are used interchangeably, but are they one and the same?

No, there are some fundamental differences between these two which you must know.

Read this blog, and you would know about it.

Let’s know the difference

Before we move further, let’s understand the definition of these two terms.


When someone is referred to as “electrician”, it means he is a licensed trades person under valid Australian standards.

He is allowed to give complete electrical services.

However, one definite thing about an electrician is that he can’t work for himself. Also, he can’t invoice customers.

An electrician has to be employed by some other person.

Any work carried by an electrician directly is illegal as per the law.

Electrical Contractor

An electrical contractors Adelaide is an electrician who completes further qualification and training. He gets a license, which is for working as an electrical contractor.

An electrical contractor can work for himself, and he can appoint an electrician in his team.

Other than a qualified electrician, an electrical contractor keeps other staff (technical and non-technical) to carry out the routine work.

Whom should you call, an electrician or electrical contractor?

You need an electrical contractor. He is the person who has been authorized and licensed by the government to carry out electrical contracts.

He is a qualified electrician who can carry out the work without any hassles. He will personally look into the job and assign it to right people.

The business is secured by proper license and insurance cover.

An electrician who is also a qualified person can’t take assignments at a personal level. He can render the services only as a team member of an electrical contractor.

Why has the government imposed this rule? It is to ensure the safety of people. Electrical work is risky. Hence, it has to be handled with care.

The electrical contractor follows safety measures and ensures that the work happens without any risk.

Therefore, pick your phone and give a ring to an electrical contractor and not an electrician.

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