5 Ways to Keep Spiders out of Your Home

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Spiders are not truly nasty. In fact, they are helpful in controlling pests that can be a menace.

However, they are certainly an unwelcome guest in your home.

Hence, you must know a few easy yet effective ways of keeping them out of your home.

We do not recommend the use of chemicals as it may not be hard for spiders, but for you as well. Hence, the blog focuses onsafer natural remedies.

#1 Vinegar is effective

Yes, particularly white vinegar!

Vinegar spray can serve as organic pest control Adelaide. The Acetic Acid in vinegar gives it a sour taste and a peculiar odor. Spiders are sensitive to it.

A mixture of vinegar and water in equal proportion can be sprayed to keep spiders away from your kitchen, living room, or garage.

#2 Citrus peels keep them away

Citrus fruits have a different aroma that spiders dislike. Keeping orange peels in an area where you see spiders can be useful. Rubbing or spraying essential oils can also be a good remedy.

Combining the smell of citrus peels with vinegar can increase its effectiveness manifold. Soak a few orange peels in vinegar overnight. Strain it and mix it with some water. Spray it in the area where you see spiders.

They will surely go away.

#3 Remove dust

Spider pest control like to make webs in the areas where there is a lot of dust. If you keep the home clean, then you will be able to control the manifestation up to a great extent.

Experts suggest that vacuuming should be done frequently instead of dusting. Thus, you will remove them out from your home.

#4 Remove clutter

Yes, along with cleanliness, you need to be a bit more organized as well- spiders like cluttered and dark places.

When you keep things haphazardly, you give them plenty of space to form webs.

Keep the thing in an organized manner. Not only that, keep on changing the arrangement frequently. Spiders consider it a threat to their manifestation.

#5 Use DE (Diatomaceous Earth)

The use of DE has been found quite effective. It is a natural product formed by fossilized remains of specific algae called Diatoms. The outer shell of this algae is made from silica.

It is not expensive. Hence, it can be applied frequently. Mix one spoonful in one-liter bottle and spray.  Make sure the dust is not inhaled while using it.

These simple remedies will keep your home free from these creepy creatures.

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