Can You Handle Life Without Air Conditioning?

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Air Conditioning Adelaide

Air Conditioning Adelaide

Scorching summers are irritating. You cannot live in a surrounding that is too hot for too long. Though we have a natural mechanism to fight the heat, it becomes intolerable after some time. What do you do? You try to reduce the ambiance temperature by artificial cooling.

You call an Air Conditioning Adelaide consultant to plan the air-conditioning system into your house. It brings comfort in the life.

However, there are concerns about the impact of air-conditioning on the environment. Many people do not prefer artificial cooling as it in turn increases the surrounding temperature.

What will you do then? Are there any ways to remove (or reduce) the need for air-conditioning? Yes, there are some methods suggested by environmentalists and GREEN activists. Let’s discuss them.

Use ceiling fans and exhaust fans as much as possible

If you observe the pattern of summers, then you realize that there are a few days in the summers when the temperature is unbearably high. On such days, you need more cooling.

In the rest of the days, you can very well survive without Air Conditioning Adelaide. A ceiling fan can bring the desired cooling.

In the kitchen, washrooms, garage, or passage, you can install exhaust fans. They promote air circulation and bring down ambiance temperature rapidly.

Use water to cool the surroundings

It is needless to say that you have to be careful while using water for cooling. There are two ways. The water-based cooling system can be installed to bring down the temperature.

Or you can spray water on the outer walls and the roof. With evaporation, water will take away a large portion of the heat and you will feel comfortable.

Apply heat resistant coat on the exterior walls and roof

It is a highly effective method of cooling your house. Studies say that good-quality heat-resistant pain can bring down internal temperature up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Thus, you need less air-conditioning. It not only reduces the energy bill but also puts less burden on your air-conditioning system. And you save money also.

If you do not want to spend heavily on expensive heat-resistant paint, then you can simply coat the roof and external walls with white paint. It will also bring a significant difference.

These small tips will make a big difference in the temperature and live without air-conditioning.  Efforts to save the environment and our earth, it is essential.

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