The Importance Of Servicing Your Commercial Sliding Gates

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When you have a commercial establishment, it is mandatory to follow high levels of safety and protection standards. Reliable and commercial sliding gates Melbourne that you install should be easy to operate and smooth to open.

All sliding gates work well in the beginning. However, due to frequent opening and closing, they show signs of wear. If a regular maintenance routine is not followed, you feel deterioration in the service quality.

It is better to define a preventive maintenance schedule. Once you assign the task to a commercial service provider, you will have a regular inspection and corrective measures to resolve small issues.

How does a scheduled service look after your investment? How does it keep the gates in the best working condition all year round?

Read this blog further, and you will know everything.

Why does a Commercial Door need Regular Servicing?

Your main door is operated innumerable times in a day, week, and month. Whether it is manual or automated, you must define a regular servicing timetable if you want uninterrupted performance year after year.

It extends the life of the door and reduces the possibility of unexpected downtime. It ensures continuous smooth performance as well. All minor problems come to the surface and get fixed before they become big trouble.

As they say, “one stitch in time saves nine”; a regular servicing routine saves your money and time.

What is included in scheduled servicing?

You are supposed to sit with the service providers that install industrial sliding gates Melbourne and define service parameters.

When experienced technicians arrive for scheduled service, they should inspect all components. Everything has to be free of dust and dirt, and clean. Anything that can damage the motor component should be avoided.

In the regular servicing, they lubricate all parts, check the signs of wear, see that the parts are aligned. They also perform general function tests of sliding door gates.

Frequency of servicing

The ideal duration is every three months. If the usage is light, i.e., it opens two or three times daily; then you can fix the frequency of six months. A door that opens ten or more times daily must be checked after three months.

Do not delay it as harsh weather conditions will deteriorate the condition and you may face frequent problems. A quality inspection will identify and resolve the majority of the issues. It improves performance and safety levels. Your sliding door gives a trouble-free performance.

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