Are Plantation Shutters Still Fashionable?

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Are plantation shutters still fashionable

When you think about plantation shutters Adelaide, you may think that they are out of fashion. Should you put them on? Will they not make your house old-styled and outdated? Well, it might not be correct. Rather, nowadays people prefer them because these shutters bring back the old days of Grandma.

Why Should You Choose Shutters?

Modern plantation shutter Adelaide has changed the design trends range from traditional to smart, modern shutters. They can blend with modern decorative molding very easily. Not only that, but you can also make it a style statement. Renovators and home buyers prefer them for their built-in look and durability. They will boost the resale value of the home. The shutters are great for energy efficiency and light control.

And if your home décor is a traditional style, then installation of a plantation shutter is a no-brainer. The louvers with a center tilt rod are seamless in traditional homes. Does that mean if your home is modern, then it is not suitable? No, it is wrong. With a few sleek design features, they can very well give a contemporary look. It will complement the style of the space.

How to Make Shutters Work in a New-style Home?

In the traditional arrangement of plantation shutters Adelaide, tilt rods are positioned in the center of each panel attached with staples to the louvers. It allows simultaneous opening and closing of louvers. When you pick a hidden tilt rod, your shutters will give a modern look. They are also called “clear view shutters”.

Yes, there is another way of making them stylish. Start thinking in a different manner and pick a trendy stained finish so that it gives warmth and color to the room. Not just that, it makes the home stylish and modern. Since it is like fine furniture for the window, choosing a stained finish will add a pop of color. Typically, emerald green or cobalt blue will change the appearance of the room dramatically.

Also, you should choose a wide louver to make it smart. Plus, they will allow extra light and air when they are open. Updated, modernized and aesthetic plantation shutter Adelaide increase the curb appeal dramatically. Finally, you can add spice by choosing a decorative frame. Remove heavy draperies. Choose some lightweight white shutters and frames. Thus, plantation shutters can be incredibly fashionable if you put some ideas into them. They will be a smart choice.

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