How Much Does it Cost to Replace and Install New Garage Door Opener?

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace and Install New Garage Door Opener

Garage door replacement becomes essential when it becomes non-functional or defective. Or you may feel the need for a New garage door Adelaide when you renovate the home.

But, what should be the considerations when you want to install a new garage door opener? Well, the first consideration is, of course, its utility. You must choose one that offers the best functionality.

And the next important consideration is its cost. You need to decide a minimum and maximum limit for installing a new garage door. For that, you have to study the market and find out the average cost. The Internet will help you in doing that.

You can search various websites of local suppliers. There are various sources on the Internet where you can find the comparison of different types of doors.

You can compare the costs and make a list of the top choices.

Cost details

You should not forget that the cost of garage door installation Adelaide is a composite one. It includes the cost of the door and its installation cost. The installation charges are taken on per hourly basis by installers. Based on the complexity of installation, location, and availability of workforce, the prices may vary. Some seasonal aspects also affect the installation cost.

Costs of common door installation and repair jobs

  • Installation of a regular door – $300
  • Replacement of the flyscreen on an internal door – $200
  • Trimming of the door and installation of handle and lock – $220
  • Repairing of an off-track sliding door – $350
  • Replacement of new entry doors – $500

Type of garage door

The cost of a garage door largely depends on the type. There are three types of doors popularly installed. Roller doors, tilt doors, and sectional doors. The most popular ones are roller doors. They are affordable and easy to use. Typically, you can get a roller door for 500 to 700 dollars. This is the cost of only the door. Installation charges are separate.

Accessories put an impact on the price of the door. A new garage door in Adelaide with accessories will be expensive. For example, if you put automatic openers with remote control, then the additional cost will be 300 to 700 dollars. It will depend on the functionality and sophistication of the automatic opener.

Therefore, it is essential to prepare a list of priorities when you install a new garage door opener. Select a door that meets your requirements to the best extent.

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