Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Adelaide

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Do you think that maintaining an air-conditioning system is just a matter of comfort? No, it is equally crucial for the health and safety of the households and the system itself.

When the average temperature is high in the summers, you need efficient cooling. In the chilling winters, you want that the internal temperature is cozy and comfortable.

Air-conditioners not just control temperature, but humidity also. Controlled humidity prevents the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew.

To achieve this, you have to put the effort in keeping the air conditioning Adelaide in the pink of its health.

Here, we bring some easy but very effective tips for that.

Keep a close eye on the air filters

The role of air filters is important. They capture duct, other contaminants, and pet hair. Thus, the internal operation of the air-conditioner remains free from these particles.

When you keep the air-conditioner on, the filters get clogged up eventually. Dirty filters will cause ice formation on the unit, which puts excessive pressure on the unit.

Change the filters once a month to avoid this problem. If your unit has reusable filters, then you need to clean them every month.

You can do it yourself or call air conditioning repairs if you are not comfortable with that.

Keep the unit free from obstructions

The outdoor unit has to be kept at a place where there is a free flow of air. If you find any obstructions around it, e.g., flower beds, grass, bushes, weeds, branches of trees, etc., then clean them well. It will allow the free flow of air, and your system will function well.

The drain line should be clear

The excessive moisture us drained out from the condenser. Due to the growth of algae, the line gets clogged up. It can be cleaned easily with the help of bleaching powder. Even dry or wet vacuum cleaners can also clean everything easily.

If you do not have adequate infrastructure to do it at home, then call the air conditioning service for cleaning and maintenance.

Use a programmable thermostat

Sometimes, the system remains on even if nobody is there in the home. Thus, it works unnecessarily when not needed. Thus, the efficiency and working life of the system get reduced.

You need a programmable thermostat. It will remove the human intervention. You can program it and set the required temperature during a specific time of the day. Thus, the unit will not remain on when it is not needed.

It saves money and extends the efficiency of the unit.

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