Tips for Effective Winter caravan Repair and Care

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As winter approaches closer, it will be time to prepare for the last trip if you didn’t go anywhere this season.

Within a short time from now, you will prepare for the winter repair and care of your caravan.

Yes, for quite a long time it will stand idle. Hence, proper care should be taken so that it is ready after winters.

Here are some useful tips for that.

#1 Choose a safe location

It is important to choose a safe location to keep the caravan intact during winter months.

For that, you should contact a professional storage company. Get the testimonials from existing clients to know about the quality and reliability.

Is the place manned by guards? Are there security cameras installed? What level of insurance does the storage company have?

The level of easiness to access the caravan is also important.

#2 Protect the caravan from frost damage

Outside temperature drops during winters. When it goes beyond a certain level, the risk of frost damage goes high.

Once you park the caravan and you are sure that it will be parked for a few months, it is essential to drain the water system completely.

By doing that, you ensure that the taps and fittings, pipework and water heater components do not get frost damage.

The water heating system is costly, and it needs protection from frost damage.

Open all the taps at once. Keep the lever of mixer taps in the center position so that you drain out hot and cold water completely.

Open all drain valves. Remove all drain plugs. Shake free water from the showers after removing a shower head.

Do you have any internal water storage tank in the caravan? If yes, then make sure it is fully drained.

The water filter has to be removed to prevent damage from dampness and frost.

The on-board pump has to be kept running for some time so that all water clears out from it.

Before running the internal pump, you should read the operating manual. Some pumps are not made for dry running.  In such a case, you have to call the support team for the suggestion.

#3 Cleaning

Once you are through with everything, it is important to clean the caravan thoroughly. It will not be used for a few months. Hence, do not leave any garbage inside.

These simple tips will keep your caravan intact and ready for yet another exciting summer season!

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