Benefits of installing solar with battery storage

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Benefits of installing solar with battery storage

Are you thinking about investing in a battery for solar storage? Well, you are going in the right direction. It will be a good idea to save on your monthly electric bills. For landlord solar panels bring a fantastic way of reducing the burden of household power consumption.

But the problem is solar panels can fulfill the daily power need, but they cannot store the excess energy produced by them. You can overcome this limitation by adding a battery system.

Today, installing a home solar system battery backup can be a source of saving money and ensuring the energy security of your home.

How do Batteries for Solar Panels Work?

These unique batteries allow them to make the most of solar panels by saving the energy produced on a bright sunny day. This stored energy can be used on a grey, cloudy, or foggy day when the panel output goes down.  You can use this even when there is a power or grid outage. Sometimes, users turn to solar batteries when the grid is down.

What are the benefits of installing batteries along with solar panels for rental property? Let’s know about them in detail.

Benefits of Batteries for Solar Storage

Use the powerfully

You install solar panels on the home and plug the system into the grid. When the system doesn’t generate adequate power due to any reason, you draw power from the grid, which is payable.

If the panels produce power more than your need, you sell it back to the grid and get a discount.

With batteries, the excess power produced is stored in the battery system. On days when your solar panels do not produce as much power as usual, you can pull the power from the batteries instead of the grid.

When you generate excess power from the panels, you charge batteries

Thus, you have better control over what you produce.

Higher Energy Security

Solar battery systems make your home more energy resilient. It is particularly useful when the grid is unstable. With a battery backup, you can power the home for hours even if the grid is down.

Not just that, you can get landlord solar rebate also.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint of your home

Installing solar batteries reduces your home’s carbon footprint and makes it almost self-sufficient. It is essential for anyone who wants to “go green” and bring down pollution. Solar energy systems create much less pollution as compared to fossil fuels.

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