The Commercial Solar Installation Guide

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The Commercial Solar Installation Guide

Though modern solar power system has been there for quite some time, most commercial enterprises still use the electrical power. But moving to solar panels could be a better choice because not only it saves money but also reduces the carbon footprint.

Like residential solar options, commercial solar panels harness the power of sunlight and turn this renewable source of energy into electricity. It generates power for office buildings, factories, warehouses, and more.

Roof installation is also a good option for commercial solar installation, because these buildings have very vast, flat roofs. Therefore, you can install panels to generate electricity. But, not only the roof, but commercial establishments can use parking lots, open-air garages, or warehouses to generate power.

Whether you install solar panels on your own property or solar panels for rental property, you need to plan a sizeable money for the installation.

How Much Do Commercial Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of landlord solar panels installations depends on various factors. It is less for smaller roofs and more for bigger roof. The larger a commercial establishment is, in size of the building and its energy needs, the more solar panels it will need to produce the required power.

Factors That Impact the Cost of Commercial Solar Panels

You know that in the case of any construction or improvement project, the price depends on a variety of factors. And since there is a large area involved in a commercial and industrial project, the price range is even greater.

Not only the installation cost, but the time required to install panels will also be more. If the installation is difficult due to the complex design of the building, then also the installation cost will go up.

The savings will depend on how much energy is created and the energy required to run the business operations.

If there is sufficient energy generation, then the business might be able to sell back the extra energy the commercial solar installation has generated.

How to determine the actual cost of a commercial solar installation? You can get an estimate from more than one commercial solar contractor that offers services in your region.

It is possible to reduce costs by availing landlord solar rebate.

Commercial solar panels are installed on roofs in one of two ways: ballasted racking or attached racking.

Ballasted racking uses cement blocks or other heavy items to install panels on a flat roof. Attached racking enables panels to get attached to sloping roofs by using roof-penetrating hardware.

Call an installer to get a proper solar installation.

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