Who Owns the Fence Between Two Houses?

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fence between two houses

There is a popular practice of sharing a fence in Australia. However, it is also very common that there are disputes because of this shared fencing Adelaide.

What is Property Fencing?

Fencing is a method of defining ownership and privacy. Fences have been there for ages. It defines your property line and acts as an important factor when there are disputes about the property.

What if the fencing is a shared one? Sometimes, people purchase a house or farm where one or two fencings are shared with the neighbor or neighbors.

It is not aproblem when the fencing is shared. The problem arises when the fencing is shared, and disputes arise. It is essential to know the rules and laws about fencing south Australia.

Since it is a feature of property lines that features prominently in any discussion that involves boundaries. Especially, when the dispute is related to rights over the adjoining land.

When you purchase a piece of land, a house, or business premises, you must ensure whether there is a fence along with it or not. And if there is a fence, then who is the owner? Is it shared?

The answer to this question can be answered differently by different people. You need to ask expert fencing contractors Adelaide to know the right answer.

Fencing can be constructed by one owner or by co-sharing the expenses equally between two adjoining property owners.

It all depends on the situation and understanding of different owners.

We should not forget that fencing has been in existence for quite a long time and so are the disputes related to fencing. Therefore, it is always better if you have complete knowledge of it.

Which side of fencing is owned by whom, according to Australia Property Laws?

You must know about the legal position of fencing Adelaide. When a fence is shared among neighboring properties, the rules of ownership vary depending on where you reside.

Normally, each adjoining owner pays for half of the fence. Between two properties, the fencing south Australia is erected equally along both boundaries.

Is your building a commercial building? If yes, then professional advice has to be obtained for that. In other cases, the permission of the owner can be obtained without involving any legal procedure. It holds true with the residential premises.

There could be neighborhood disputes may not arise if a real estate agent is in charge of the property.

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