Backflow Testing – Why Is It Necessary?

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Before we go deep into the need and necessity for backflow testing, it is imperative to know about what is the backflow? As per technical information given in the books of plumbing, backflow is a condition when water runs backward through the water system. Drinking water flows from the source to the faucet through pressurized water pipes. Sometimes, the water flows in the opposite direction and causes backward flow.

This backward flow may be caused due to many reasons:

  • A leakage in the plumbing
  • Water break in the town
  • The sudden surge in demand by a fire hydrant

Such conditions cause a drop in the water pressure, and the backflow of water happens. Since the water that flows in the backward direction is not potable usually there is a high risk to public health. Many states have safety regulations that impose the need for backflow testing by plumbing devices at least once a year and as and when required.

By the backflow testing Adelaide, it can be ensured that the quality of drinking water remains good quality for consumption. It is essential that all mechanical components or moving components are checked regularly and serviced or repaired if required. 

How is it done?

In a backflow prevention device, there are check valves and relief valves and springs. Whenever there is a drop in the pressure in the plumbing system, the relief valve opens, and contaminated water is dumped out instead of backflowing. To test the backflow; it is essential to check each component of the device. A component can pass the inspection only when the check valve holds a minimum pressure and the relief valve to be opened before it reaches a particular pressure point.

If this minimum standard does not meet, then the device needs repair and maintenance. Since there are several state laws about backflow compliance, you need to ensure that the testing is done well. Remember, only a licensed plumber in Adelaide can conduct the annual tests to make sure that the device is functioning well.

When do you need a backflow prevention device?

Pools, hot tubs, Irrigation systems, large boilers, fire suppression systems require a backflow prevention system. It is equally useful in soda machines or wells.

In these systems, it is essential to prevent a cross-connection where freshwater gets mixed with contaminated water. A backflow prevention device stops the flow of contaminated water back to the water supply system and keeps it safe.

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