Air Conditioning: How Important is Regular Service?

by admin

Air-conditioners are like your car; you do not maintain it, you do not get performance from it. Regular maintenance is tremendously important to maximize its life. Well, as they say, “pay a little now and save a lot in the long run”. If you do not want to spend on regular maintenance, then you should be ready to spend extensively on repair and servicing.

How important is regular service? It is quite a lot of important. Here are a few reasons.

You reduce utility bills

When you get the air-conditioning system serviced regularly, you save on power bills. Regular cleaning of the air-filters and blower units will increase the efficiency of it. The system will cool faster, and the compressor will not remain on for a longer time.

You improve the air quality

The quality of inside air in an air-conditioned environment is largely dependent on how much clean you keep it. By servicing it well, you reduce allergies and infections that are caused due to the poor quality of air. Properly serviced systems can control temperature and reduce humidity and pollutants. Thus, the indoor air is much cleaner and fresher when your air conditioning in Adelaide is maintained well.

Servicing extends the lifespan of air-conditioners

Life of an air-conditioner depends on two things- how much extensively it is being used and how frequently it is being serviced? The average life of an air-conditioner is around 15 years. If you maintain it well, then it can be extended up to 20 years or more. It is needless to mention that you will have to change it if the technology changes and the system becomes obsolete.

You avoid malfunctioning of the system

A well-maintained air-conditioner does not malfunction. Since the problems get identified during routine maintenance, you do not face bigger issues. It is called preventive maintenance that prevents problems from occurring. For example, filter cleaning, gas pressure in the air-compressor, and leak in refrigerant are some problems that get surfaced when a scheduled checkup is done. If these issues are resolved when they are small, then you do not encounter bigger troubles.


When you maintain the air-conditioner well, you get better efficiency and extend the life expectancy of the unit. You avoid massive repairing costs. Therefore, do not ignore the criticality of routine maintenance of the air-conditioner. Hire a maintenance company and get great results. Call an expert repair company and achieve excellent performance.

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