Is Your Hot Water System Leaking in Adelaide? Here’s How to Fix It

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Leaking hot water is one of the common problems in hot water systems Adelaide. And it is something that one should not ignore. As soon as you see the smallest of the leak, it is time to act because a small problem may grow bigger. What causes a leak? In most of the cases, it is a sign that the water system is corroding. It will worsen with time. In Adelaide, hard water is the reason for corrosion in some parts. It often leads to corrosion of cylinder and reduces the life of your hot water system to half (five to seven years from ten to fifteen years). What should you do when the hot water system is leaking? Should you call the Hot Water Repairs Adelaide immediately? This blog explains a systematic approach.

Find Out The Leak First

Before you call a plumber in Adelaide, you need to check where the leak is? Is it because of the small pores in the body or pipeline? Or is it from the PRTV (pressure or temperature relief valve)? A leak from PRV or PRTV is not an emergency. You need to call the plumber at your convenience to replace it. hot water systems Adelaide are prone to have this problem. If the leakage is from the top or bottom of the electric or solar water heater system, then switch off the power.

Turn Off The Water Inlet

The inlet pipe should be turned off.  There is a lever valve at the bottom for that. If it is not there, then you have to turn off the main inlet.

Call The Specialist

Once you stop the leakage, your work is over. A hot water system is complex equipment that cannot be repaired using DIY tricks. The best thing is to call an expert hot water repairs Adelaide who can come and inspect the situation. If the problem occurs during odd hours, then you might have to call an emergency repair service. Though most of the service providers offer same day service. Hence, you do not need emergency services normally. Whether it is an emergency service or normal, you get a team of qualified plumbers, who can dig out the problem and resolve it effortlessly.  Once the basic problem gets diagnosed, it is easy for the repair specialist to resolve it. All types of hot water systems Adelaide are repaired by specialists. Hence, you get an assurance of good service.

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