What is The Most Common Cause of Blocked Drains in Adelaide?

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What is The Most Common Cause of Blocked Drains in Adelaide

Common Causes of Blocked Drains Adelaide

If you list the most common causes of problems in the plumbing system, then Blocked Drains Adelaide is the most common. When drains get blocked, you need to call a plumber. Whether it is a blocked kitchen sink or a toilet doesn’t flush properly, or the shower drains slow, you should call a plumber.

But when a drain gets blocked, you will have to call a Plumber Adelaide immediately. Why do drains get blocked? What are the reasons behind blocked drains? Can you prevent it in the first place?

In this blog, we will look at the common causes.

Foreign Objects

Foreign objects flushed down the toilet are the most common reason behind blocked drains. It could be baby wipes, cotton pads, sanitary pads, and even toys and keys. Since drains are not built to handle these objects, they immediately block them.

Blockage results in very unpleasant situations, and the sewage overflows.

To avoid this, you should have awareness and realization of handling objects.

Debris and dirt

Another common reason is dirt and debris. When leaves and debris from outside get washed into the drain or blow into the drain, it results in blockage. This problem is common during stormy weather. If you do not keep gutters well or you have improper garden landscapes, then debris and dirt go into the drainage system.

It is difficult to avoid debris and dirt. However, you can minimize it by covering the entrance of a drain by using drain guard.

Grease and Fat

A third important reason is grease or fat. When you wash down the sink, a lot of oil and grease goes into the drainage system. However, it doesn’t flow out but gets accumulated on the walls of drainage pipes. It reduces the flow of water and drains get blocked.

Hair and Soap Suds

Hair and soap suds block your bathroom sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Daily occurrences of hair and soap suds cause more blockage than debris.

You can avoid this problem by putting drain covers over the plug holes. It will catch the strands and prevent them from going into the drainpipes.

Tree Roots

It is a problem that occurs outdoors. If there are several trees outside your home, then there is a possibility of drains getting blocked because of tree roots. Even a small crack can give a path to the routes to enter. When the roots grow inside the plumbing system, there is a blockage.

You can avoid it by regularly monitoring the drainage system.

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