Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain?

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Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain?

Problems to pour grease down the drain

People run for hot water with the anticipation of clearing the potential issues caused by grease, but they cause a disastrous impact on the drainage system. The pipes and overall sewer system will also get impacted. A plumbing company will help you adopt effective and reliable ways to clear the grease safely. Expert plumber Adelaide ensures that no plumbing complications arise, and the drainage system remains healthy.

Why Is Grease Bad for Your Pipes?

As said previously, it is seemingly convenient to pour oil down the sink once the cooking is over. But it is far more hazardous than you think. Grease and cooking oil can cause extensive damage to the drainage system. Those who carry out cctv drain inspection Adelaide can prove that oil can cause problems with the pipe. There could be blockages in the garbage and sewage system.

Due to improper disposal of oil and fat, there is a possibility of total blockage in the pipe also. Whether it is grease commonly found in meat fat, butter or margarine, or even sauce and salad dressing can cause dangerous buildup. Oil gets thickened and combine with oil particles present in the drainpipe. When grease accumulates in the pipe, it restricts water flow and causes clogging.

What happens when you pour grease?

How does grease clog drain? It is just because of a chemical reaction. When it gets cooled, grease solidifies and lodged in blocked drains and pipes. The fats in the grease break down into basic components of glycerol and fatty acids. The fatty acids bind to the calcium found in sewers and sewer pipes because of concrete corrosion. Due to the reaction between calcium and acid, a soap-like compound gets formulated.

Therefore, it is not a good thing to pour oil into drainpipes. One should not do that to ensure good healing of the drainage system.

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