Is hydro jetting safe for old pipes?

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Is hydro jetting safe for old pipes

Hydro Jetting for Aging Pipes: Is It Safe?

What is hydro jetting? It is a non-invasive plumbing service that can unblock and clean pipes using a machine that is called a jetter. The machine has many parts, a water tank, a hose, a nozzle, and a mechanism for pressurizing water.

When you call a service provider to perform Hydro jet cleaning in Adelaide, they will first perform a visual assessment of the pipes. It is determined whether the pipes are able to withstand the high-water pressure from the hydro jetting machine.

Since jetters can deliver up to 35K psi of pressure and the nozzle directs the water against the surface of the pipe, all types of blockages and buildup clear away simultaneously.

The nozzle is fastened to a long hose, this machine can reach deep into places that are difficult to reach otherwise. The machine is assisted with a separate drain camera or an integrated camera.

Due to their effectiveness and ease of use, the use of hydro jetting is common while cleaning blocked drains in Adelaide.

But the question is, when a hydro jetting machine can deliver so much pressure, will that damage old, fragile pipes?

Well, to ensure that, you will have to call a professional plumber first and get the assessment done. If it is found after checking that the pipes can withstand the pressure of the jet, then you can choose the option.

When hydro jetting cannot be done, snaking can be used as an alternative. However, these two methods are very different in terms of the results they deliver.

Is Hydro Jetting not safe for old pipes?

Well, in some cases, hydro jetting is not safe for old pipes. Especially, if the old pipes already have cracks and other damage. In this case, the water pressure generated by a hydro jetting machine can aggravate it. If the pipes have become brittle, then they also get new damage from hydro jetting.

And if the damage is severe, then you will have to call an emergency plumber Adelaide and get the line replaced immediately. It will become a big task.

Different types of pipes have different problems with aging. For example, copper pipes accumulate oxidization over a period. It results in corrosion and pinhole leaks. PVC pipes become brittle over a period. Cast iron pipes are very durable, but they also get rusty over time. Clay pipes can crumble, and they are particularly susceptible to tree root invasion. It erodes the clay.

Therefore, check the sustainability before calling a hydro jetting machine operator.

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