Which Daikin Air Conditioner is the right one for you?

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Daikin is the leading name in the field of air conditioning, not just because of its wide range of products, but because of its quality and precision. Whether you need air-conditioning for a small area or large, the comprehensive product range can fulfill your needs up to the best extent.

What makes Daikin so special?

First, it is a company that specializes in air-conditioning. The company takes pride in innovating and designing products that supersede the expectations of buyers. Therefore, each product offered by Daikin is efficient and brings superior comfort.

Which model is right for you?

Wall-mounted models

Wall-mounted models are ideal for households, offices, and other establishments.

The US7 model by Daikin is the first 7-star model. It delivers the utmost comfort with supreme efficiency. The model comes with features such as a humidifier, dehumidifier, and air-purifier.

It works well in humid and dry climate zones.

Zena is another model engineered with the most advanced technology. It has a stylish design that seamlessly integrates with every interior design.

The model is right for maintaining temperature in a small area.

Alira is another wall-mounted model, which delivers noise-free comfort. Its high energy efficiency makes Alira ideal for small and big rooms.

Cora wall-mounted model is reliable, stylish, and energy-efficient.

Lite systems are models made with cutting-edge technology. Its modern, compact design offers commercial air-conditioning.

Nexura is a noiseless, feature-rich, discrete model that stands out uniquely because of its new-age technology.

Multi-room air-conditioners

VRV IV-S is a floor-standing, ducted multi-room air-conditioner where you can choose various indoor units to serve your room size and design.

It is ideal for medium to large size homes. Up to 14 rooms can be air-conditioned. Hence, it is ideal for large homes.

SUPER MULTI NX (R32) is a clever choice for multi-room air-conditioning.  Since there is only one outdoor unit, it is easy to install and maintain.

Up to five rooms can be heated or cooled. The performance is quiet, and it saves energy.

Ducted models

These air-conditioners are engineered to give amazing performance. With their design flexibility, it gives the best ducted solution. Even if you have a tight roof space of modern home, this system is ideal for you.

SLIM-LINE DUCTED model suits installations where ceiling space is at a premium.

Daikin is the undisputed technology leader. You need to search for the perfect and the best model from the range of products for your home, office, or shop.

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